Nude - amamede´s mixed media on canvas

 Nude (nu)

mixed media on canvas


A canvas in which the human figure (nude) is portrayed in an approach which, liberated from a certain restrictive academicism, is nonetheless a tribute to female beauty.

This depiction seeks chromatic contrasts suggestive of the anatomical form, in a compositional adventure in which classical anatomical concepts are transfigured and highlighted in visible chromatic masks which hide intrusive adolescent memories of feminine forms of ancient captive Venuses.


This canvas is contained in the catalogue of the Albuquerque e Lima Gallery, where it is available for purchase.


Tela em que o tema da figura humana (nu) é tratado numa abordagem que, liberta de algum academismo restritivo, não deixa de homenagear a beleza feminina.

Nesta representação procuram-se contrastes cromáticos sugestivos da forma anatómica numa aventura compositiva em que se transfiguram e realçam os clássicos conhecimentos anatómicos em máscaras  cromáticas visiveis, nas quais se ocultam memórias intrusas da nossa adolescência de formas femininas de antigas Vénus cativas.


(António José Mamede de Albuquerque) was born in Cape Verde in 1943. Formerly of dual nationality, in 1974 he chose Portuguese nationality.

A teacher in higher education with a PhD in Medicine, he has been devoted to Painting since 1975.

His work was exhibited for the first time at the “Exposição Artistas de Coimbra” [Coimbra Artists Exhibition] organised in 1988 by the XI Congresso Nacional de Ortopedia [XI National Orthopedics Congress]. An associate of the Movimento Artístico de Coimbra [Coimbra Artistic Movement] from 1988, in 1994 he began collaborating in the teaching of Artistic Anatomy to students of ARCA-ETAC.

He was Associate Professor at the Coimbra University College of Arts, where he taught Theoretical Anatomy (1st and 2nd year of the various licentiate’s degrees) until 2008.

He is represented in a number of private collections, mainly belonging to collectors in the Portuguese and Brazilian university environment.

 in Myths of Art - an anthology of contemporary Portuguese painters - Chiado Editora 2009