Lithographic prints (litografias)

 As a teacher of artistic anatomy, amamede would have no difficulty in drawing the Human Figure, expressing reality in a classical manner. With a solid foundation in this domain, the easiest path would undoubtedly be to allow a certain amount of formalism to take hold. However, this is not the aesthetic path he has chosen. Instead, he seeks to break away from academicism and give the objects he depicts a constant dynamism, in search of original lines of force in colour schemes marked by great tension. He uses an extensive colour palette which establishes unexpected rhythms, intersecting wide horizons of colour designed in proportion to a complex spatiality in which spaces are reinvented and reality is transfigured.



Amamede’s paintings are available at the Albuquerque e Lima Gallery and can be viewed in the catalogue or on LCD at the registered offices of the Company (see contact information).