Gatos - Cat whisperer


For the Love of Cats

Train your cat to walk on a leash

What is a cat whisperer?

A cat whisperer is a person who respects and understand cats. Understanding cats is not rocket

science. There are some very basic things about cats, that if you would learn them, you might

become a cat whisperer, but for the most part it takes a special kind of attitude to be a cat whisperer.

Most cat whisperers come by it naturally simply because a certain type of personality will appeal

to a cat more than others. If you can come to understand a cat as an individual, you realize that

each one of them is different.

The first thing to remember is that you cannot train a cat in the same manner you would train

a dog, although you can train cats. I don’t train cats, I communicate with them on their own level

and respect them as individuals.